Assorted feeding babies


In the case of switching to mix feeding, remember that chest yet a pipsqueak must receive a request, and supplementation with a mix of the mode, but only after it has exhausted both breasts. In ordering to correctly determine the amount required for the use of supplementary feeding mixing weighing up lactation and after. Given the fact that a crumb every day should drink natural milk per 1/5-1/6 of their own aging body mass, It is possible to determine by weight how much natural milk he drinks per day and calculate the number of required mix up. Normally it is 20-50 g in one feeding. With supplementation of more than 200 g per day go completely on warm feeding is becoming more complicated. Even with assorted feeding at night, strive to nourish the baby alone natural, so it will be easier to you (no request to have up at night and prepare the mixing), and lactation will be maintained for longer with prolactin, which is produced in the early first hours (3.00 to 6.00). Much correctly, if you sleep with a child, so a crumb will get and healing lotion, and body contact with her mother. Even if you get a some milk until it is, do not put your newborn to full bottle-feeding, because even in small quantities, it does crumbs immune protection and even helps complete digestion mix. Fresh natural milk contains prebiotics and other unique nutrients that contribute to the formation of a own intestinal microflora, improve fermentation and great digestion.

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