So to stop lactation


Usually completely disaccustom baby with a breast for 3 nights. There is some subtlety of this technique, a day you get to be with a child and to devote all his time to it: to play, feed, in main, it want be in a evening full of the society, so he will be more interested in any family member.

When the baby is along 2 years old, he along understands and speaks, as you can come up with a story or fairy tale why "Xixia disappeared," about mothers say that a crow stole sisyu, or she fell ill, any mothers breasts smeared green paint or paper ash as proof.

We enjoy presented a basic techniques on how to stop breast-feeding. Whichever technique you select, remember that the main thing is confidence in weaning mom that she is doing everything right, and a possibility of a gradual process. Such a ban would also help avoid painful mom 'burnout' milk when the fresh is filled, a temperature rises, and you can earn mastitis. If still natural milk goes hard, drink strong decoction of sage, reduce drinking diet and express natural softly at first to get her weight.

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