How to nourish expressed milk


If you are breast-feeding because of a failure of her baby, every day, from time to time in 1-2 feeding crumbs still offer the natural. Sometimes it happens that even after the baby is 4-7 weeks fed expressed natural milk with a bottle, he suddenly begins to take the breast itself, how yes it is actively eating, then of the that, a mum grabs his head, how to cure it today with her. The same goes for a weak and early babies, however they get to get stronger, they learn sucking and 3-5 month of life did begin to juice themselves with the warm milk.

If you get established fresh-feeding, and feeding expressed natural milk is required so a temporary decision, a rightly not to spoil a baby latch on, ask a nurse or grandmother feed him expressed milk from a cup or spoonful. Do not let a baby suck on a nipple for children, it is superfluous. At times kids successfully suck and mum, and a bottle. For perestahovki can select up a contemporary anatomical (antikolikovuyu) bottle with a little hole. Following all, the child refuses the breast for a cause that of the require to produce fresh milk, make an effort to suck. A bottle of milk pours itself.

If you do not work for about reason, full lactation - do not feel guilty of anything, try to find a positive technique out. Think 1st about the size of a child, and that you torture yourself forever pumping for its hygiene.

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