How to deal with a newborn?


Here is a child, a tiny, helpless. And you enjoy to imagine his thoughts lawyer, Ph.D., president. Go back to a ground. The crumb is sure to get a method you see it, but you need to deal with it. As to deal with a newborn? What? To studies with children keep been fruitful, it is indispensable to know any of a features of such infants.

1st, he spends up to 20 hours of sleep. Plus requires child care: feeding, bathing, washing of, smearing serum - for classes with a newborn is all-nothing. But it is yet the same! And a regime moments - a nice field for effective employment with a crumbs.

He starts trying to lift his head while lying on his stomach. Affectionately refer to it, link toy, encourage the newborn to lift his head. 1st 2-3 min, gradually bring it up to 10-15 minutes.

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