Dining early children


With regard to nutrition of premature babies, some doctors recommend early complementary feeding natural, even called time, perhaps to nourish - this is following twelve hours. And this is due to the fact that if you do not give diet food to the child before, it may be an even greater loss of weight, and may begin to develop such a dangerous phenomenon of tissue protein catabolism, which is why a earlier a newborn receives meal - the sooner his body will start to have used to proper functioning.

By a technique, want consult with the doctor and ask about the newborn's condition. Typically, babies who were born prematurely, but the condition is assessed however satisfactory, doctors prescribe 1-st feeding later six to twelve hours later their birth. If a newborn is born in a serious condition, the 1-st feeding is consummate to produce daily following a birth. Such babies are introduced to the doctors started a operation of all of the special solution, and a second day of your, taking them to the natural milk.

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