Make the right shoes for the newborn.


It want enjoy a high-property flexible sole, high heel, done from environmentally friendly substances. Many mothers pick up as savings continue wearing the shoes from other kids, because it costs much. But it is consummate not to save your money and buy the crumbs their slippers and shoes, because shoes tend to even a any feet relations pick up the form of the owner, however even seems to be almost new pair of shoes may have influence on the foot of your robust fellow. And you can save, for example, that do not buy shoes done of skin, and genuine thick fabric. It used to be that kids must only walk in the shoes, or they may cultivate room feet. Real evidence of this fact is not, and approximately doctors on a contrary, insist that walking barefoot is good in early childhood. It's better if you talk approximately it with an orthopedist and he shall be on the crumbs, will give you the indispensable advice on a range of footwear.

At 11 weeks, babies are yet more much attached to his mum, even if they cry mom just went to another placement, often afraid of new people. Gradually accustom a child to independence, leaving him alone in a room up to 5 min, or teach him to find you a placement voice. Socialize child, bring him to a playground, even communicate with a peers. Course of playing together is not to be, but the kids love see every other, just stand by and watch a game for the older children.

In the game in 11 weeks child, too, is developing very actively. He may already put on the cube dice, remove a ring from a pyramid, to put on a ring pin great bore, insert one subject to any, like in-sorter toy great sizing, many kids along may insert a circle. You can buy a toy with a hole in which to throw the especial balls or cubes, and she will play with a colorful lights, sounds and music. All these games cultivate lovely motor skills and hand agreement baby. At this age, babies love to roll the machine, load it into cubes body, how comfortably how playing with dolls: rocking, feeding.

Expanding vocabulary crumbs. He may along say the 4-5 words, like "mom, dad, granny, give, to" simulate a sounds of animals, which are also considered to be the 1-st words: "AB-AB, kitty, kitty, cuckoo." Reading to a baby books, a lot of conversations with him, cultivate child hands, so language growth will rapidly.

Baby is start to show a nature of the desk, he may reject approximately of the dishes, often worsens his appetite. This is partly due to a increased activity of a newborn, it would be hard to sit chair as long. Many parents make a big mistake this time, turning every feeding into the game or watching TV. This habit so it will be difficult to eradicate, and so it is better to be patient, but feed, so expected. Strict diets for prettily mothers in this period is useless, because a baby has grown up and matured digestive system, and the mom's natural milk is not a basic product saturation. But alcohol and other hazards nursing mother to apply all not worth it. If a crumbs do not similar a item, change it with another, similar in its nutritional and vitamin value, prepare a variety of dishes. So cottage cheese can be cooked pudding and cream, and roll it into balls, and broil in the apple. The fresh meat may be chopped, cook patties, meatballs, souffle, pate, change it 1-2 minutes a 7 days with crab, you can use variant kinds of fresh meat. Sometimes, the kids in any does not must to eat beef, but happy to tuck into rabbit or turkey. Cause of poor appetite at a desk can be and often snack betwixt meals, such as cookies or apples.

For 11 months, the child is gaining 400 g in weightiness and 1.5 centimeters in height. We get 6 bits of teeth. Night's sleep becomes longer and more robust - 11.5 hours, time dreams may still be 2 or one and yet be in the amount of 3-3.5 hours.

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