Feeding preterm children


Calculating a number of formula or natural milk is carried out on the basis of calorific demands small aging body. On the 1-st day the child receives 5 ml (nutrient solution) in one feeding, the number increased to 15-20 ml by day 3 of your. Next intake calculated from the permanent rate for premature babies 130-140 kcal per 1 kilogram of aging body gravity (for the full-term babies, a form is 115 kcal). Calorific capacity of fresh natural milk is 70 calory per 100 ml, and the mixture - 80 kcal per 100 ml.

Premature infants are especially prone to rickets, anemia. So, even if a child is breastfed, he's along a first of a month (size 2-3 weeks) wish additional vitamin D in the form of special drops. Also, these kids are highly scarce iron in the aging body, which is usually exhausted by the one-month. In breast natural milk is not enough iron for babies, despite the fact that it is highly goodness of him to digest, because a doctor assessed the state of a infant, may resolve on additional admission iron supplements.

The 1-st feeding premature babies typically administered earlier in 4-4.5 weeks. To prevent the growth of anemia and rickets in premature babies earlier the full term introduced fresh fruit and veggie juices, purees, meat, fresh egg. Foods in the form of porridge is also significant for a premature baby, because it helps him to quickly gain the indispensable mass for age. Monitor the effectiveness of lactation premature baby and the state of his heartiness need alone be a doctor, it will also be based on the child to modify or supplement power supply circuit.

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