Newborn fester eyes

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After any permanently feeding mom need to massotherapy a lacrimal sac, it is located at the inner corner of the eye slit. Mom pushes to this place and produces up-and-down (6-10). If a massotherapy pus begins to flow, so you're doing it rightly. Massage want be done with sufficient force to effect a lightness touch will bring. A younger a child, the consummate the efficiency of treatment. After 6 months of conservative treatment does not do sense. Читать полностью -->

Nursing of premature babies

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Bathe early infants are allowed no earlier than 7-10 hours. Balneum should be done in a special baby bath, a temperature of the air in a bathroom must not be below 25 degrees, water for bathing - 38 degrees. Bathe early babies up to 3 months to alone boiled water. Boiled h2o specifically, stand to come out chlorine, so heated and diluted with cold boiled aqua to 38 degrees, for convenience, It is possible to use a exceptional babies's thermometer. Immediately after bath to wrap the baby in a bath towel or flannel diaper, run to a warm and wear. Premature children dressed warmer than full-term infants.

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Swaddle a newborn - plus non-swaddling

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Now, a lot of moms and dads are returning cottage from the race, dress for a newborn romper, overalls and jackets. And you possess this evidence-based arguments. Chief among these reasons is the more rapid development of the baby-free diapers. How soon how the baby learns to coordinate them, will go faster building of motor skills and thinking accordingly. And however they say in the movement of life. The newborn moves arms and legs - a kind of exercise and training of muscles, which alone has a good effect on the further development and the ability to control his body. Читать полностью -->

As to bathe a newborn

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First bath may last from 5 to Fifteen minutes. If your child will love to swim, may further extend the process. In stores now, a wide range of different podstavochek for swimming, but, how a rule, they are large in sizing for a child, so It is possible to use them later, after 1-2 weeks.

Nicely rinse the inguinal folds baby later a bath may be lubricated with oil or particular children boiled veggie to avoid diaper rash. Ears and nose polish very dry cotton flagella.

Bathe child with soap every time is not necessary, it is alone two times a 7 days. Should to sluice my hair once a 7 days. For water treatment, apply ordinary child soap or careful shampoos and foam for children. Читать полностью -->

Eating baby in 9 weeks is very versatile.

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At this age, your newborn is very effective porridge - except millet. Any grain with which to prepare porridge for the newborn, need long to seethe a aqua. Munk and rice - 20 min, corn, barley, barley and buckwheat - a any hours. Only of the, when the grits finally seethe, it is mixed with natural milk and as to boil again. When the porridge for a child is ready, it added butter - presently it is not indispensable boil well, newborn is grown. And wipe a mess through a sieve can be only 1 time.

A most healthy are yet buckwheat and oatmeal.

At 9 months, the baby's time to give a crab dishes. Читать полностью -->

A newborn would not put a natural!

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As much can you expect, it's been more than 12 hours of the birth, and the newborn does not put the breast?

Claim to take decisive action. Mom to express her milk or colostrum and feed a child. Colostrum can be mixed with glucose. Feed best finger technique. If it is impossible to express her colostrum (the 1st days of his hand to express good than natural pump), for a 1-st time can be given just aqua with glucose. Many children start to breastfeed when you are fed with a finger. Читать полностью -->

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