Colic child

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In infancy a child put limited attention. When the child is crying constantly, perhaps they are prevented colic. Ofttimes, moms despair and lost in conjecture. What bothers a child. Colic is not dangerous for a newborn's health. This is a enough common ailment, and parents want to be calm and behave in these cases. Читать полностью -->

Newborn Baby - additional indispensable procedures

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Haircut nails - with a growth of your newborn's nails must to trim it. This is normally enough to do once a week. Nail clippers good buy exceptional infants's scissors.

Confection crust on a scalp or dandruff - in children is that a crust is formed on the head, a brown of his concern causing itching. Brown on a head or the demand to remove dandruff.

As to remove the crust from a newborn's head. 2-3 hours earlier bathing child grease thick head sunflower oil or mineral butter. Of the bathing, It is possible to schesat great comb this crust or dandruff.

Bathing a child

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Eating newborn in 9 weeks is very versatile.

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At this age, a baby is more useful porridge - except millet. The grain from which to prepare porridge for the newborn, must long to boil the h2o. Munk and oatmeal - 20 minutes, corn, barley, barley and buckwheat - a some hours. Alone later, when the semolina finally seethe, it is mixed with milk and as to seethe again. When a porridge for your newborn is ready, it added a butter - now it is not indispensable boil well, newborn is grown. And wipe a mess done a sieve can be only 1 time.

A most helpful are yet buckwheat and rice.

At 9 months, the child's time to give a fish dishes. Читать полностью -->

Items to erase items child

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In a 1st weeks of child's life, experts recommend to prefer soap, then go to the particular powders, which are marked on a package marked "suitable for babies", fortunately a modern market has a wide range of such products. Solving the problem, "As to wash out a newborn things - allergy", many mums in a past were limited in choice. Newly, how, began to appear powders and liquidity detergents items children possessing hypoallergenic properties. When the baby is a small older, It is possible to choose a powderise containing bleach, antistatic, supplements, with variant flavors.

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Sleeping baby on his stomach

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Proponents of the opposite view, saying that sleeping baby on his stomach promotes good discharge of jeep, which is extremely influential for children from one to three weeks. It turns out that a newborn is similar massaging your tummy, which has a good impact on a work of the intestine. Also children who sleep in this position, keep the head rather beginning than a peers. A chief thing that parents need to do is select a capacity and quite stiff and do not apply a mattress pad. Periodically rotate a child's head with one side to a other, not to numb the neck skin muscles. Another benefit to this configuration of sleep, is that you do not have to worry around is a fact that the crumb can drown in spit-up. Читать полностью -->

Feeding child

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A newborn should be fed on need, he knows exactly when and however much he needs to eat.

For best relationship in babies and your mothers, they must be together skin to facial skin all day and night (see facial skin to face). When a child is ready he will look for a chest. It is serious immediately after birthday to allow a mother and newborn to be in close facial skin-to-face how much time as you wish to "find" each other, it will not facial skin a matter of non-breast. Put the newborn for 5 min. To a natural - it's like nothing to do. They must be together until a newborn himself, without pressure or coercion will breasts. Читать полностью -->

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